Steps for GST return filing

Every business that is listed under GST act has to occasionally provide the details of sales, purchases and tax remunerated and gathered by filing return with GST ability.

One of the biggest modifications GST anticipates you to put forward the returns with bills and its products with HSN Codes. Prior to filing any return imbursement of tax due is pre obligatory if not such return will be unacceptable.
Here are a few steps for GST return filing with date of returns:
1.    Monthly information of innermost suppliers in form GSTR-1 by tenth of the next month
2.   Monthly information of external Suppliers in form GSTR-2 by fifteenth of next month
3.   Monthly information of Returns in the form GSTR-3 by twentieth of next month
4.   Periodical filing of Returns in the form GSTR-4 by eighteenth of month of subsequent period
5.   Monthly periodic return by non-resident foreign tax payer GSTR-5 by twentieth of subsequent month
6.   Monthly periodic return for input service distributor or ISD form GSTR -6 by fifteenth of the subsequent month
7.   Monthly periodic GST return for TDS form GSTR-7 by tenth of subsequent month
8.  Monthly periodic return by e-commerce dealers – GSTR-8 by tenth of next month
9.   Yearly filing of return form GSTR-9 by thirty first December of subsequent monetary year.
Note that one time the monthly returns on twentieth of next month are done, you cannot change the information again. So, be cautious.
At last, if you want to make above steps easier, then simple accounting software will help you much better than anything else.

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